I’ve been all over the internet looking for an English version of Collin De Plancy’s DICTIONNAIRE INFERNAL. It just doesn’t exist. The closest I’ve discovered is a 1965 book titled The Witches Dictionary. Though it’s in English, It’s a mere fraction of the complete 800 page work.

I’ve discovered PDF copies of the complete works from De Plancy’s 1818 edition, as well as the fully illustrated, much coveted 1863 edition. Both are amazing books, especially the illustrated edition, but both are in the original French language, and French ain’t my thing, baby!.

I know I’m not alone here in trying to find a complete English copy. And so, with the assistance of Google translator I’m attempting a full translation. I plan to begin with the 1863 edition then add footnotes to include the 1818 information that was deleted. The earlier edition contains content that was later edited out after De Plancy was born again. The 1863 edition, though lightly edited down from the 1818 version, contains an additional 500 articles, not to mention those incredible woodcut illos.

It’s not going to be an easy job. No translation program is perfect and I’ll need to literally check and double check every word, name,  phrase and date to make absolutely sure that what I write is what the original author intended to say.

I plan on posting occasional updates as progression happens. One thing I hope this blog will provide is feedback and assistance from fellow occultophiles out there. I need all the help and encouragement I can get!

Wish me luck?


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  1. Allan Fonseca Says:

    How much of the book have you finished? I would really like to know when you think you will be done, and how much will the book cost after the project is over?

    • Thank you for your interest Allan;
      The project will take some time to complete. It’s a project of love and study. A rough English translation could be released tomorrow, but it would be a disservice to the original work. The rough translation needs heavy refinement. Many of the individual listings are being re-alphebetized due to the translation process, because of this hundreds of footnotes and dozens of illustrations need to be relocated. Only after all this is completed can the translation be refined and the re-pagination process begin.
      Since the project is still in its early stages the completion date is indeterminable, as is the retail price.

      • Allan Fonseca Says:

        Thank you so much for the information, is there any way I can support this project?

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