A new problem

Well, a new problem has occurred. The official scan from the French archives is missing 2 pages that appear to be the two sides of a single physical leaf. Was it ripped out? Is it a printer’s error? the former is probably true since the data jumps from DIA on page 212 to DIC on page 215. Only an original copy will provide this information. Why was the page removed?

<addendum 01>: It’s now verified that a page is missing. An attempted translation of the last partial paragraph of page 212 and the first partial paragraph of page 215 revealed that the result makes no literary sense.

<addendum 02>: The replacement pages were located and placed back into their correct context. Not only that, but the pages came from a beautiful hardcover reproduction of this edition. Every illustration is reproduced in the highest quality available. A copy has been ordered for research and scans.


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