What it Takes (to do this work)

Using a poor PDF scan of the 1863 edition of The Dictionnaire Infernal, the first thing to do is to use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to convert the PDF image to readable text.

Next, the text is copied and pasted into Microsoft Word. Since the text is French nearly everything is underlined as a spelling error so the next thing is to convert the document to read as French. This shows that a lot of the text is quite legible and only the questionable items are underlined. Even though I can’t read French, Microsoft Word can.

The next step is a side by side comparison of the Word document and the PDF page to hand correct any word that isn’t a proper noun.

Once all the text is accurate to the original document, it can then be placed in Google Translate, a section at a time, and translated to English.

Next comes the interpretation of the English text into coherent sentences, as true to the original as possible. This usually includes researching subjects outside of this work in order to ascertain correct meaning and intent.

Finally, a retype and pagination of the English translation and images and there you have it.


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