Status 09/13/13

Just a note to let everyone know where we are with the Infernal Dictionary Translation Project. Working full time on cross checking the OCR text with the original scans. The scans are rough and dirty. Quite often, much of the “dirt” is misread by OCR as text characters that aren’t actually there. This can create chaos when the text goes through the French to English translation process, as the translator has no idea what those marks mean. Also, to make things a bit more difficult, because of the original font used, capitol C’s and lowercase t’s are often misread as G’s and l’s respectively. Words can easily be misinterpreted, changing the meaning of the entire sentence.

It’s a slow, steady and careful process. Literally, each and every letter must be weighed against it’s scanned counterpart. Currently, we’re on page 12 of 800 pages, but as more of us grow accustomed to the French language it becomes easier to spot and repair these annoying discrepancies.


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