Sometimes the slower you jump a hurdle, the better.

We at the Sons of Solomon are working diligently to bring this project to the student, the teacher, and the curious.

All the large hurdles have been met and defeated, now the small hurdles need to be addressed. Not every OCR scan is perfect and though the largest percent of the text is true to the original, there still remains those small areas that require strict perseverance of detail.

Footnotes, for instance, are troublesome as the original text has muddied those tiny numbers into mere blobs of ink, unreadable for OCR. Each must be hand corrected. There are many examples to list. Footnote correction is merely one of them.

Another trouble spot is character properties. Bold and italics are all but entirely missing after an OCR scan. These too must be hand corrected using the original French text as a guide. So we must use the French text to correct the English text. We’re sure you can see where this might be a bit time consuming.

Hurdles are meant to be jumped.


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