A third scan has been found!

Exciting news to report today as a third scan of this rare book has been located. The images in this scan compare equally, and sometimes even better, than those of the previous high resolution scan. Using the best attributes of all three scans, The Sons of Solomon will be able to reproduce the absolute highest quality publication since the 1863 edition.


12 Responses to “A third scan has been found!”

  1. Ray Van Ee Says:

    I would be excited to read the English translation some day

  2. Any updates? Been a while since we’ve heard from you guys…

    • Thank you for your concern Michael. Progress, yes. Updates, not really. The project continues with the inevitable slow and steady pace akin to painting a large house with thousands of rooms. Steady business and daily challenges for the laborers, not so interesting for the casual observer.

  3. Do you have any rough idea when the book will be finished and available to buy or read online? Unfortunately I don’t speak french!

    • Thank you for your support Conor. We cannot yet say when the project will be complete. The English edition will be available in print form when it is completed. At this time there are no plans to release the book in a digital format.

  4. I’m really looking forward to the translation, you guys are, like, really amazing >VVVVV< ~~~ *hug*

  5. Trent Anderson Says:

    Per your request, here’s a response on your latest post. I sent you an email on possible contributions I can make. However, the address you list on your About page resulted in a “does not exist” bounce from GMail.

    • Trent Anderson Says:

      Ah, reading back through your posts I see you’re past image editing and such.

      • Thank you for your offer to assist, and informing us of the Gmail issue. It is an issue, by the way, and one that will be corrected in a day or two.
        Yes, image cleanup became the least of our workload and was completed in a relatively short time. We are now in the arduous process of re-typesetting all the original French footnotes. You’re more than welcome to help with this if you wish.

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