Another scan has been located

This past weekend offered up some exciting news. Another scan of the 1863 DICTIONNAIRE INFERNAL has turned up. This find is the FOURTH version located. The TEXT in this fourth scan is the cleanest we’ve found so far.

The sharper the text, the better the OCR process is. Even the majority of footnotes are reproduced with the fewest anomalies so far.

Along with the high quality text, this is the only other scan that shows original front and back covers.

To summarize the chronology of the four discoveries so far:
1 – (named: rough edition) – Black and white, low resolution scan from the French Archives. Missing two pages.
2 – (named: facsimile edition) High resolution scan used by some for printed facsimile editions, full color front and back covers
3 – (named: image edition) High resolution scan, some images are better than facsimile edition.
4 – (named: text edition) High resolution scan, sharpest text of all scans, images equal to previous scans.  Full color front and back covers (severely rubbed)


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