Translation Revelation

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The English translation of the Dictionnaire Infernal has revealed many things hidden till now from the English speaking community. Stories of witches eating bees, the worship of toads, herbs that hold demons, etc. With every page comes revelations, myths & wives tales explained succinctly and with historical merit.
This tome waits as the French text is meticulously brought into fresh light, perched to soon be devoured by a new generation of students.


Dictionnaire Infernal Translation update

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The Covers, Title page and Preface are edited and print ready and the entries for the book have been separated into individual lettered files to expedite the saving process and general navigation while editing.

One of the more recent hurdles is re-alphebetizing the entry headers that changed due to translation, which happens occasionally. This easily works out because all that has to be done is the entry moved to the appropriate letter file.

An alternate cover to the English Edition of The Dictionnaire Infernal

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We at the Sons of Solomon are excited to announce that the first draft of The Infernal Dictionary is complete!

We no longer require assistance in the following departments:
– Image Cleanup
– French OCR
– English Translation
Thanks to EVERYONE who assisted us in this part of the endeavor.

We still require assistance in researching, clarifying and editing the English text. This is the home stretch and it’s time to sprint!

Restored, Translated Book Cover for Dictionnaire Infernal

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french to english covers

Dictionnaire Infernal 1825-26 four volume set

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We at the Sons of Solomon have been busy indeed!

Along with all the work happening with the translation of the 1863 edition of the Dictionnaire Infernal, we managed to dig up ALL FOUR volumes of the 1825-26 edition of this very important work.

For all you trick or treaters out there, we offer you this treat; the complete scanned set free to download and study as you wish.
Dictionnaire Infernal 1825-26 vol 1

Dictionnaire Infernal 1825-26 vol 2

Dictionnaire Infernal 1825-26 vol 3

Dictionnaire Infernal 1825-26 vol 4

A Great Leap Forward

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Wonderful news!
The Sons of Solomon have acquired not only a beautiful facsimile edition of The Dictionnaire Infernal, but we have also obtained high quality scans of all the artwork, taken directly from the original 1863 edition.

See for yourself how the old, French archived edition compares to the newly acquired art:

This most difficult obstacle has been hurdled. It’s now a race to the finish line for the English translation!